Online collaboration platform

An online collaboration platform is being developed for GeCIP members. This will be the central communication tool for the Genomics England and GeCIP research community. The platform will sit within the Genomics England embassy environment. The platform will allow collaboration and joint working within and between GeCIP domains, NHS Genomic Medicine Centres, and the GENE Consortium. It can be used for working together on research projects, proposals and publications.

The platform will also give overall details of the research activities within each GeCIP domain.

Based on a flexible wiki-based model, each GeCIP domain will have private spaces to share analyses and progress, and public spaces to share their plans. The collaboration platform will also be the major knowledge base for all training and support materials for the embassy. It will accumulate a large searchable directory of all GeCIP researchers and research projects.

Contact researchers in other domains

To connect or collaborate with researchers other domains, see for a list of contacts.

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