GeCIP training materials

GeCIP members access the data from the 100,000 Genomes Project through the secure Research Environment. Internet access within the Research Environment is restricted to white listed sites only so some applications have been provided to help GeCIP members collaborate.

Confluence, a knowledge-sharing wiki, is the major knowledge base for all training and support materials, including how-to guides, for the Research Environment. GeCIP members can create their own spaces to share analyses and progress and also post questions in a Q&A Forum. The Research Registry, a large searchable directory of all GeCIP research projects, is also housed within Confluence. This allows all GeCIP members to know what research projects are ongoing to prevent duplication of effort. The platform will allow collaboration and joint working within and between GeCIP domains and can be used for working together on research projects, proposals and publications.

RocketChat is a chat facility where GeCIP members can communicate with each other, create chat rooms and ask questions of the GeCIP Team at Genomics England.

Contact researchers in other domains

To connect or collaborate with researchers other domains, see this page for a list of contacts.