GeCIP Governance, Oversight and Management

The GeCIP Board

The GeCIP Board oversees the Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) and is chaired by Professor Dame Kay Davies, who also represents GeCIP on the Genomics England Board.

Each GeCIP funder is represented on the GeCIP Board: Dr David Cox (National Institute for Health Research/Department of Health & Social Care), Dr Nathan Richardson (Medical Research Council), Dr Michael Dunn (the Wellcome Trust) and Dr Rowena Sharp (Cancer Research UK). Genomics England is represented by its Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer.

Members of the board include a GeCIP domain lead elected from within each of the cancer, rare diseases and crosscutting themes.

Up to three places are reserved for the representatives of the Participant Panel and they contribute and vote as any other member of the GeCIP Board. The individual Participant Panel representatives are free to rotate attendance at the GeCIP Board according to their availability.

The GeCIP Board was constituted on Friday 17 June 2015. Its main roles are:

  • to oversee the clinical interpretation programme and act as a focus for coordination
  • to receive advice from Genomics England Advisory Committees
  • to provide advice to the Genomics England Board.

The role of the Office of the Chief Scientist

GeCIP is operated by Genomics England’s Office of the Chief Scientist, with the assistance of the GeCIP steering committee. They oversee the following activities:

  • GeCIP management and coordination
  • appointment process for GeCIP domain members
  • the work of the GeCIP science domains, facilitating meetings and knowledge sharing, and providing administrative support
  • management of the interface with GeCIP funders
  • management of the interface with NHS England, clinical regulatory bodies, NICE and MHRA
  • management of the interface and relationship with the medical royal colleges
  • Health Education England and other funders’ training programmes
  • the delivery of informatics training and support
  • Genomics England data sharing agreements and contracts with users
  • delivery of the 100,000 Genomes Project data (access to anonymised data and Genomics England Knowledge Base for the disease area in question)
  • operational governance oversight (provide assurance to the Genomics England Board on contractual obligations and data security and ethical governance compliance within the GeCIP environment and user community)
  • maintenance of the list of pathogenic variants that may be fed back to treating clinicians (incidental findings).

The GeCIP Steering Committee

The Office of the Chief Scientist manages a GeCIP Steering Committee to input into the smooth running and transfer of knowledge across the GeCIP domains. The membership consists of a representative from each domain and is chaired by the Chief Scientist for Genomics England. The GeCIP Steering Committee directly reports to the GeCIP Board.

The GeCIP members

All GeCIP researchers and clinicians will be expected to adopt the highest ethical standards with regard to research governance, data access and security in accordance with the terms of the Genomics England informed consent.