Recruitment materials

There are a range of posters, leaflets, flyers and videos that can be used to advertise the Project to potential participants.

All of the materials on this page have been approved by the Research Ethics Committee.
Please contact us, or your GMC communications lead, if you need help with editing the templates, or alternative formats.

Order form for Printed Materials

documents and formsInformation Sheets and Consent Forms

See our page on consent to download the patient information sheets and consent forms.


Example poster


For use in any clinical setting. You can change the condition, add your own contact details and change the pictures. Formatted either for printing or use on a TV screen.

Download the posters.

Flyers and leaflets

  • Leaflets: Introduction to the Project
    These include space for your GMC logo and contact details. Can be put in waiting rooms, clinics and other settings.
  • View the Prezi
    (slideshow with voiceover) version of the introductory leaflet.
  • Leaflet: Getting more involved
    (for people who have joined the Project) GMC’s can edit this template to include details of local PPI or engagement activities.
  • Leaflet: What Happens Now?
    For participants in the Rare Diseases part of the project who want to find out what happens after their sample is taken

Flip charts

Designed for use in the consent appointment, these flip charts are a visual guide to the consent materials.


Video introductions to taking part, genomics in cancer, and about data in the Project. Also available on Vimeo.

Translated introduction videos (Gujurati, Bengali, Urdu, Polish, Punjabi)

More information about genomics – videos and infographics