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Dr Maria A Cerone

Cancer Research UK

Maria completed her PhD in Montreal, Canada and then moved to the UK where she joined first Alan Ashworth’s laboratory at the Institute of Cancer Research for 5 years where she worked on telomerase and DNA damage using high-throughput si- and sh-RNA screens and then moved to Charlie Swanton’s laboratory at University College London, where she was involved in several genomics and high-throughput screening projects in breast cancer.

Maria joined Cancer Research UK (CRUK) in 2016 as senior project manager in the Precision Medicine team. Her role was to liaise between Genomics England and CRUK and help develop new relationships and collaborations between them.

In November 2017, she was appointed as portfolio manager in the Precision Medicine team and her role now is to set up, manage, develop and coordinate the precision medicine initiatives funded by CRUK and to help the precision medicine community to develop and deliver new large-scale genome-based initiatives that will help achieve CRUK’s vision of 3 in 4 cancer patients cured by 2034.

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