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Professor Anneke Lucassen

University of Southampton

Anneke Lucassen is Professor of Clinical Genetics within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and Consultant in Clinical Genetics at the Wessex regional Genetic service. She combines key clinical, laboratory and ethico-legal expertise to research developments in genetic medicine and to effect improved delivery of genomic services to individuals and families. She leads the Clinical Ethics and Law at Southampton (CELS) multidisciplinary research group that explores ethical and legal issues in health care practice through conceptual and empirical research, innovative teaching, and public dialogue. Current research is focused on addressing the integration of rapid developments in genomic technologies into clinical practice and society; For example, the extent to which genomic information needs to be viewed at the familial rather than individual level; issues arising from the discovery of incidental findings from genomic tests as well as the ethical questions raised by the introduction of pre-conception and pre-natal testing.

Through CELS research, contributions to undergraduate and postgraduate education, and public engagement activities, she provides a translational pipeline for healthcare relevant ethics and law.

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