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Richard Stephens

Patient Representative & NCRI

Richard Stephens is a survivor of two cancers and a heart emergency. He has participated in four clinical trials and six other research studies, and currently serves on two trial management groups. His professional career has included work in education and local government.

As a patient advocate and representative in health and medical research, his principal role is as NCRI’s consumer lead. He chairs NCRI’s Consumer Forum and has sat on on several other national and regional committees and bodies, including CRUK’s CTAAC, NCC-C’s Management Board, NETS CC’s PPI SG, and HTA and RfPB funding committees.

Richard is joint Editor-In-Chief of BioMed Central’s new online open access Journal of Research Involvement and Engagement. He has co-authored conference abstracts and posters, two published academic papers, and 2012’s Action On Access, an influential consumer-led report recommending organisational and cultural changes to encourage and support more patients to participate in research.

He is also co-chair of the advisory committee to NIHR’s new Dissemination Centre, is a patient representative with Genomics England and the MRC CTU, and leads the innovative Patient Panel working with AstraZeneca.

Conflict of Interests Declaration

Richard has an annual Honorarium from BMC as a journal editor, and he receives occasional honoraria, expenses and hospitality from academics and industry as an independent patient advocate and conference speaker.

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