Cancer is the number one cause of death from disease in children. Each year, there are 1,600 new cases of childhood cancer and 260 children under the age of 15 die of the disease. With modern treatment, nearly 80% of children survive their tumour. However, it is clear that life expectancy and quality of life is reduced in survivors. Treatment has adverse effects on the child’s development, particularly that of the nervous system. This indicates that we need novel therapies both for high-risk patients to provide cure and for low-risk patients to reduce toxicity. There are several challenges that the research in the childhood cancer domain will address:

1) identification of the genetic abnormalities underlying rare childhood tumours
2) development of diagnostic approaches to childhood tumours that allow prediction of outcome and predict response to novel treatments
3) identification of children with underlying inherited disposition to tumours

Below are the current subdomains for this domain. You can find the full details of the research proposed by this domain in the Childhood Solid Cancer Detailed Research Plan.

PathologyTom Jacques
BioinformaticsDan Williamson,
Bissan Al-Lazikani
GenomicsMike Hubank
Brain TumoursTom Jacques,
Steve Clifford
Non-CNS TumoursDeb Tweddle,
Lou Chesler

Other Projects