Neurology GeCIP Domain


Project summary

Over 8,000 people (patients and their families) with neurological and neurodegenerative diseases will join the project. Researchers and clinicians in the neurology GeCIP domain will improve interpretation of the whole genome sequences. This will improve clinical feedback for patients.

They will also undertake research to better understand the causes of rare neurological disease. These studies will form the basis of work to develop new treatments.


To build on NHS research collaborations to enhance the clinical interpretation and validation of whole genome sequencing.

To identify new disease genes, genetic risks and modifying factors for disease. This will enable comprehensive NHS diagnostic testing, prediction of disease and disease severity.

To identify and investigate the actions of genetic factors involved in neurological disease – in order to advance understanding of the underlying cause of disease.

To collaborate widely with other GeCIP domains and form partnerships with industry to convert genetic findings into treatments.

Train the next generation NHS scientists, analysts and clinicians in genomic medicine.

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