Ovarian and Endometrial GeCIP Cancer Domain


Over the past five years, new insights into the causes of ovarian and endometrial cancer have brought about rapid change in our understanding of the disease. Previously, it was thought that there were different types of ovarian cancer. Now, these are recognised as fundamentally different diseases. The Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer GeCIP Domain will focus on the study of endometrial cancers and the commonest subtype of ovarian cancer, called high grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSOC). This type causes the majority of deaths from ovarian cancer. Their research will focus on understanding how changes to DNA (mutations) affect the risk of someone getting one of these cancers. They will also study how mutations that occur within a tumour dictate how much, or how little, that tumour is reduced during treatment.

By looking at all regions of DNA at the same time, they will study types of mutations that are not seen in the tests currently used at most hospitals. The aim is to develop tests that could be rolled out across the NHS so all patients with ovarian or endometrial cancer will benefit.

You can find the full details of the research proposed by this domain in the Ovarian Cancer Detailed research Plan.

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