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Sarcomas are rare cancers, accounting for just 1% of cancers. There are about 3,500 cases a year in the UK. Sarcomas can occur at almost any site in the body, meaning they are challenging to diagnose and treat. Sarcoma patients are often diagnosed late, and so have poor clinical outcomes compared to people with common cancer types – something that has improved little since the 1980’s.

Sarcomas are among the most diverse cancer types. There are more than 100 known subtypes. They are usually treated in a small number of specialist units. This means there is often good sample and data collection, and standardised quality of care. Soft tissue sarcomas, although more common, are also treated in a limited number of units.

Data from sarcoma participants in the 100,000 Genomes Project will help to identify and better define the different tumours  – based on the genetics, appearance and response to treatment.

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