Stratified Healthcare and Therapeutic Innovation GeCIP Domain


The development of a new medicine costs approximately $2-3bn and is increasing. The genomic medicine era offers substantial potential to:

  • aid therapeutic innovation
  • aid clinical trials where treatment is modified according to a participants multi-omics profile (by combining omes into a set of ‘omes’, such as genome, proteome, transcriptome, epigenome and microbiome one can analyse the complex big data efficiently enough to find biomarkers easily which can be targeted by specific treatment)
  • use real-world pharmacogenetics data to select the optimal medicine first time and identify risks of side effects.

This GeCIP domain will harness the strength of UK infrastructure, such as the NIHR Clinical Research Network, the Stratified Medicine Network and the Structural Genomics Consortium. The formation of a stratified healthcare and therapeutic innovation GeCIP domain will provide the platform for a major scientific and healthcare initiative in this area. It will capitalise upon existing strengths and infrastructure and develop new partnerships to maximise patient benefit and industry partnership.

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