Alternative formats and additional materials for patient information

We have begun work on creating alternative formats for the patient information sheets and consent forms. This is based on requests from NHS GMCs.

We also have also created several additional materials, for other uses, that could potentially help in the recruitment process.

We would now like your help to assess the need for alternative formats and additional information. This will help us develop and prioritise materials for REC approval.

Please note these items are currently in development and will be sent to REC shortly:

♦ A video to support the consent process
♦ A 2 sided summary of the project 'Introduction to the 100,000 Genomes Project'
♦ Nominated consultee literature (declaration form and info sheet, opt in / opt out from additional findings, withdrawal form)
♦ A consultee declaration form for opt in/ opt out form additional findings

We have a number of materials that were originally produced for other purposes, but may be useful for recruitment.

1 - Data Animation 
2- Leaflet Download

These products may be useful in recruitment (not yet created)

1- A visual explainer of additional findings
2 - Prezi version of PIS for adults (currently available for children's information).
3 - A visual explainer of suitable family structures e.g. a diagram

Please let us know what formats of information/forms would be most useful for your NHS GMC

Please tick all that apply and where possible, add in level of need as High, Medium of Low.

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