NHS Genomic Medicine Centres announced for 100,000 Genomes Project

NHS England has announced eleven Genomic Medicine Centres that will lead the way in delivering the 100,000 Genomes Project. This marks the start of the main phase of the Project in 2015.

It is anticipated that there will be over 75,000 participants, which will include some patients with life threatening and debilitating disease. The GMCs will begin recruitment to the project from 2nd February 2015.

After samples are collected, they will be sent securely to Illumina,

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Genomics England calls on the UK research community

Genomics England is today inviting applications to join our new Clinical Interpretation Partnership from UK researchers, NHS Clinicians and those in training where they will work on the unique data resource from the 100,000 Genomes Project.  The goal of the Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership (GeCIP) is to bring together the best researchers in the UK alongside their key international collaborators to ensure we maximise the potential of gaining new biological insights into rare inherited diseases,

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First patients with rare inherited diseases are sequenced by Genomics England

Patients with rare inherited diseases have started providing samples of their blood so the whole of their DNA can be sequenced by Genomics England.

Patients with conditions ranging from heart disease to deafness which appear to be caused in part by an inherited gene have been included.

Genomics England plans to take 2,000 samples, from more than 600 patients and their mother and father, or other immediate family member, for whole genome sequencing.

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