There is no central funding in GECIP. GECIP domains will need to show they have the resources or clear plans for obtaining the resources to do the work they intend to carry out. Genomics England cannot award grants to GECIP domains – we are providing the data in the National Genomic Research Library and the infrastructure through which researchers can securely access and analyse the data.

Tell us if you are planning to submit a research proposal

Applications for funding should be registered with us. We will be able to offer a letter of support for your application. We strongly encourage researchers to contact us when considering fellowship or grant applications. Please allow at least one week for Genomics England to review your proposal.

Please note that under exceptional circumstances, some letters of support may take longer than one week to prepare, so please register your grant application with as much notice as possible.

Please use this form to register your grant proposal with us.

Funding for GECIP research projects

Researchers wanting to undertake research through GECIP will need to apply to a funding body through response mode or specific funding calls that are targeted at using the data in the National Genomic Research Library. These applications will be subject to approval via the scientific peer review process by funders. Details of any specific calls will be announced on these pages and in the GECIP newsletter. 

The Genomics England Research Environment is supported by central funding from the Medical Research Council as part of the UK Infrastructure for Large-scale Clinical Genomics Research grant. Further details of this grant are available here.

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust have expressed an interest in seeing funding applications from GECIP members, particularly for their collaborative awards.

Medical Research Council

The Medical Research Council would be happy to receive applications from GECIP members through any of their funding schemes.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

As part of the UK Industrial Strategy, the government will invest up to £20m in the Next Generation Services Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. The challenge will include an initial CR&D call of up to £12m and an initial Research Programme call of up to £3m.

The next-generation services challenge fund is delivered by Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation.

US Food and Drug Administration – Open Call for Grant Applications

It may be of interest to UK researchers that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an open grant call for $2m for studies investigating the natural history of rare diseases. The grants are designed to help characterize the natural history of rare diseases, identify subpopulations, and develop and/or validate clinical outcome measures, biomarkers and companion diagnostics.

Grants are available to any foreign or domestic, public or private, for-profit or non-profit entity. Funding can include research being performed at foreign sites; all or part of the funding can be used to support foreign clinical study sites. For more information see the FDA website.

The GECIP board

The Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership is overseen by the GECIP Board, chaired by Professor Dame Kay Davies.

The GECIP board includes representatives from several funding bodies who have already substantially contributed to the work of Genomics England, through the pilot phase of the project or investment in infrastructure. The GECIP board will be informed of funding applications under development.

Read more in the full GECIP guidance document here.