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The Participant Panel

The Participant Panel is a key advisory group for Genomics England, working to ensure that the voices of patients, their families, and their experiences inform our work.

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Patient supporting patients and genomic research

The Participant Panel is made up of a diverse group of people whose data is held in the National Genomic Research Library. Members come from different walks of life and bring their life experiences of rare disease or cancer.

The Panel advises the Genomics England Board and actively engages in decision-making across other committees and boards, playing a vital role in keeping participants’ interests at the heart of everything Genomics England does.


To bring research participants' lived experience and perspectives into decisions about participant data, services, and healthcare

Data collection and access

Overseeing who will have access to the information collected from participants, how that data is stored, and for what purpose it is used.

Helping design genomic healthcare services

As genomic medicine continues to play a larger part in our healthcare, the Panel is supporting the NHS and its partners to help design more patient-centric, engaging and innovative ways to help people who will use NHS genomic services in the future.

Putting the data to work

Making connections between those carrying out research using genomic data and the communities that stand to benefit, agreeing priorities and ensuring that patient interests are at the forefront of research efforts.

Read our language guide

Developed by the Participant Panel, this guide recommends how to talk about the people whose data is curated by Genomics England.

Contact the Panel

Please email us – including 'Participant Panel' in your subject line – if you are interested in joining the Participant Panel or have any questions about its work.

If you're expressing interest in joining the Panel, please outline why you are interested in this role, and include your name and contact details.

Please note: applicants must have direct experience of consenting to take part in genomics research, either as a patient or carer of someone offered whole genome sequencing via the NHS Genomic Medicine Service, the GenOMICC study, or as a participant in the 100,000 Genomes Project.

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