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Life Science Partnerships

We partner with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechs through our Discovery Forum to unlock genomic data and accelerate new treatment development.

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Accelerating research from pathway discovery to clinical trials

As a member of the Discovery Forum, you'll get access to our secure Research Environment. This provides a range of open-source tools, databases and research platforms that link genomic data to a rich set of clinical, phenotypic and longitudinal data.

Researchers can also develop their own software/pipelines that can then be run on Genomics England’s high-performance compute (HPC) facilities.

Partnerships with impact

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How we work with industry partners

Joining the Discovery Forum allows you to gain access to the world’s largest community in genomic healthcare and medical research, embedded in the NHS. Benefit from our bioinformatic, scientific, and clinical expertise, as well as a research environment with the world’s largest whole genome disease cohort for cancer and rare disease, with linked longitudinal healthcare data.

Our independent Access Review Committee ensures that all partners are bona fide research organisations, committed to research that supports the interests of our participants and the communities they represent.

What makes our data distinctive

Why work with us

We can support you across the entire drug development journey

Target identification & biomarker discovery

Our data is annotated using Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor, ClinVar, loss of function annotation from loftee, population specific allele frequencies from gnomAD and ExAC, as well as extensive non-coding annotation for epigenetic markers from ENCODE, Roadmap and spliceAI. Coupled with longitudinal clinical data this enables - rapid variant prioritisation and target discovery.

RWE for disease natural history studies & cost-effectiveness analysis

Genomics England brings together participant consent for lifetime clinical follow-up, and extensive technical integration with national data registries – like HES, the cancer registry, and ONS death data – to create a powerful epidemiological analysis and longitudinal RWE resource for health economic analysis and HTA submissions.

Rare disease patient recruitment

Participants with rare and ultra-rare indications have consented for recruitment to interventional and non-interventional studies. This requires clinical review, which is carried out by our healthcare team and the participant’s lead consultant.

Advanced clinical trial design & patient stratification

Validate patient stratification strategies on retrospective data; generate molecularly targeted surrogate end-points and other biomarker strategies by working with our data and our network of clinical academic key opinion leaders.

Functional genomics pipelines

Participants can be recalled for re-sampling, creating a genetically characterised human tissue resource for target validation and functional genomic screens in cell lines, iPSCs and organoids.

Companion diagnostic development

Support your diagnostic filing submissions by validating the predictive value of your diagnostic tests using our clinical, genomic, and outcome data.

Genomics England's ecosystem

Collaboration between healthcare organisations and biotech companies

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Our ecosystem of partners is very diverse, from top tier biopharma companies to a wide range of genomic-centric biotech and start-ups. As a result, we’re constantly evolving our offering – if you have ideas on how we could develop a partnership together please email us.

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