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Genomic Medicine

We're working in partnership with NHS England and the NHS Genomic Medicine Service to develop a personalised and predictive healthcare solution through the use of genomics.

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The UK genomics ecosystem

The UK has often led the world in scientific breakthroughs and DNA was no exception. Crick and Watson won the Nobel Prize for discovering the double helix structure of DNA. And it was a British double Nobel Prize winning scientist, Fred Sanger, who discovered how to sequence it.

Today, the UK continues to maintain its position as a world-leader in genomic research and healthcare.

Key facts


genomic companies in the UK


year-on-year growth from 2011-2020


people employed in genomic companies

Benefits of a genomics industry in the UK

  • Better treatments and diagnoses for patients in the NHS

  • New medicines and diagnostic tests developed

  • Places the country at the forefront of an emerging industry

Why the genomics ecosystem emerged in the UK

The UK leads the world in life sciences

Many of the world's most talented scientists come to the UK to research and develop innovative drugs and technologies. And many great breakthroughs in this field – like the discovery of penicillin, the structure of DNA and antibody therapies – have happened here.

The UK has the unique benefit of the NHS

The ability to link a whole lifetime of medical records with a person’s genome data on a large scale can help to understand disease and to tease apart the complex relationship between our genes, what happens to us in our lives, and illness. The unified health system also enables systematic implementation of new technologies.

The UK's plan for continued growth

In July 2021, the Life Sciences Visions set out bold ambitions for the future of life sciences in the UK.

10-year strategy

in place to accelerate innovations for patients


approach to solve some of our biggest healthcare problems

£1 billion

of funding available to UK's most promising life sciences companies

A groundbreaking approach

We've worked together with the NHS to make the NHS in England the first integrated healthcare system in the world to offer whole genome sequencing as part of routine care.

The age of genomics has begun. And just as the NHS has put the UK at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs before, the NHS is at the forefront again with Genomics England at its side.

How genomic data is making an impact

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