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Diverse Data

The initiative aims to reduce health inequalities and improve patient outcomes in genomic medicine for minoritised communities.

Multicolour graphic illustrating a diverse group of people.

The Diverse Data vision

Our vision is that all patients, regardless of their background, receive the same quality of genomics-enabled personalised medicine, supported by the latest research on people like them.

Read and comment on a live version of our strategy to see our plans and input into our design.

Visualisation of data bias by Stef Posavec

Europeans represent 78%

of people in genome-wide association studies (GWAS)

Polygenic risk scores are 4.5x

more accurate for people of European ancestry than of African ancestry

7% of significant associations

have been discovered in individuals of African ancestry

While only 2%

of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) participants are of African descent

Intended outcomes of the Diverse Data initiative

Earnt and sustained trust of diverse communities in genomics-informed personalised medicine

More and better research with diverse populations

Improvements in prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and care involving genomics for diverse populations

Addressing the gap in diverse genomic data

The Diverse Data Initiative will deliver on its aims through four streams of activities:

Research & discovery: Understand the data gap

Improve our understanding of genomic diversity by reviewing, stimulating and conducting research into diversity and its impacts on scientific, clinical and health system outcomes.

Community & engagement: Close the gaps, together

Convene and work with patient, genomic and data communities to design, develop and implement equity-enhancing strategies.

Sequencing & data: Fill the data gap

Increase the volume and depth of genomic data available on individuals from under-represented groups by sequencing genomes, and generating, linking and facilitating better access to data from diverse populations.

Products, tools, & behaviours: Bridge the data gap

Work with clinicians, analysts, researchers, patients, and community groups to develop tools, and processes to improve research, service-delivery practices, recruitment and care.

Upcoming events involving the Diverse Data team

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Latest blogs from the Diverse Data team

Often work is shared at the end and has a shiny, positive slant to it. Issues of data diversity can raise complex scientific, technical as well as social and emotional debates. The Diverse Data Initiative aims to share more during the process to show the journey, and hopefully encourage others to course direct. To learn more about how the team works, interim outputs and what we’re thinking, have a read of our blogs.

By Chris Wigley on

Our CEO Chris Wigley shares some of his hopes and dreams for the future of Genomics England, the patients and participants we serve, and the wider genomics landscape.

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