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Turning science into healthcare

Genomics England aims to help everyone benefit from genomic healthcare.

Our 10-year anniversary
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Our strategy

Powering the future of healthcare

Our mission is to continue refining, scaling, and evolving our ability to enable others to deliver genomic healthcare and conduct genomic research.

Our aims

Transforming healthcare

Working with the NHS to deliver and continually improve genomic testing to help doctors and clinicians diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses, like rare diseases and cancer.

Accelerating research

Providing the health data and advanced technology researchers need to make new medical discoveries and create more effective medicines for patients and their families.

Protecting citizens and leading the ethics debate

Keeping data security at the forefront of everything we do, and engaging with the public to continue building trust and transparency around our programmes and outputs.

How we help others


Enabling dialogues on consent, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

Patients and participants

Healthcare teams

Providing reliable genomic insights that are easy to request and interpret.

NHS partnership


Accelerating research by providing data, infrastructure, insights and environments to collaborate on fundamental and translational research.

Research and partnerships

Our initiatives

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The Department of Health and Social Care set up Genomics England in 2013. We are a company owned by the Department of Health & Social Care. The Secretary of State is the only shareholder.

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