Getting your results

As soon as your data has been analysed we send the results to your clinical team.

They will contact you when they have confirmed our findings. They contact you as they would for any other test results – usually by letter or phone.

In many cases, no clear answer will be found at first. They will tell you if nothing has been found. But researchers will keep looking. Any new results will be given to your clinical team as soon as they are available.

Results are now beginning to be returned to people who took part in the early part of the Project. But for some, it will still be a year or more before results are returned. For people joining now, it is likely to be a year or more before you hear anything. Results will be returned to people throughout 2018 and 2019.

The 100,000 Genomes Project is at the cutting edge of science. No-one has ever attempted whole genome sequencing at this scale before as part of everyday medical care in hospitals. Thank you for your patience while we set up and test all the processes and systems.

This is just the initial analysis. Your data will also go into a research database. As our knowledge grows, researchers will continue to analyse your data. We will let your clinical team know if we find anything in the future that could be important for your, or your family’s, health.

⇒ Read more about what kind of results you may get back.

Additional findings

Participants can decide if we should to look for additional health information in their genome sequence. Additional findings will be returned separately to any findings related to your main condition. Read more about what information you will get if you opt in to receive additional findings, and to check or change your choice.

How we analyse a genome

Analysing a genome is complex and can take many months. Find out how it is done on these pages: