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The value of data

Christine Patch  | 

“Rare disease families really understand that data is important. Examining the family's genetics and bringing together groups of people with individual rare diseases to examine their genetics, and try and understand what's going on, has the potential to lead to both diagnosis and potential treatments. So they understand the power of data.”

In this week’s episode of The G Word, Chris Wigley is joined by Christine Patch, Clinical Lead for Genetic Counselling at Genomics England and Principal Staff Scientist in Genomic Counselling at the Society and Ethics Research group. An early advocate of genetic science, she became one of only 30 genetic nurses in the UK in 1989, and has subsequently worked as President of the European Society of Human Genetics and sat on the Human Genetics Commission.

Today, Christine talks about patient confidentiality and the code of duty, her early career in genetics and her role as Caldicott Guardian at Genomics England. She also discusses the intricacies of patient choice and the priorities for rare disease families.

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