Information for GeCIP members

This page provides GeCIP members with information about data and data access, funding and collaboration opportunities. There are also links to relevant forms and documents. For more information, and to sign up for the GeCIP newsletter, please contact the GeCIP team.

Current activities

1- Nominate a disease. Any GeCIP member can nominate a rare disease to include in the project, or propose a change to existing eligibility criteria.

2- Submit your detailed research plan, if you haven’t already done so (rare disease and cross cutting domains only).

3- Register grant applications. If your domain is applying for funding, let us know.

4- Review rare disease gene panels. Rare disease experts are invited to view, review and share gene panels in our crowdsourcing tool – PanelApp.

Important information

computer servers

Data and Data Access

Details of how to access the 100,000 Genomes Project dataset, via the embassy environment.



How GeCIP members can apply for funding.

DNA model


Connect to researchers in other GeCIP domains.

tumour sample slide


Multi-omic sample analyses are not at the core of the project, but are collected.

Submit your detailed research proposal

Submit your detailed research proposal

If your GeCIP domain hasn’t submitted a detailed research proposal, please use this form.

Register your grant applications

Register your grant applications

Register your grant applications with us – we can offer a letter of support.

Education and training

Education and training

Education and training for GeCIP domain members.

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