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The Genomics England PanelApp was created to enable virtual gene panels to be viewed and commented on by experts within the clinical and scientific community around the world.

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Improving diagnoses through expert consensus

Genomics England developed PanelApp to allow experts from around the world to share knowledge and insights on gene panels. Think of it like the Wikipedia of genes, with our dedicated team of curators checking every entry and a simple-yet-innovative 'traffic light' system indicating the level of evidence of a gene to cause a certain phenotype or disease.

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A valuable resource for the scientific community

PanelApp provides the opportunity to encourage a consensus for which genes have enough evidence to be included on a diagnostic panel for a particular disease.

The aim is to use expertise and knowledge to establish a consensus final ‘green’ diagnostic grade gene panel for each disorder to aid clinical interpretation of genomes.

How PanelApp is useful for you

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Why be a PanelApp reviewer?

Share your expert knowledge

A community of experts with different backgrounds from around the world contribute

Improve diagnoses for patients

Help gain a consensus of which genes have a diagnostic-grade level of evidence

Capture your curation effort

Add your publications and put your curation efforts toward important outcomes

Download or query panels

PanelApp is open source, so you can gather information that you and others have contributed to

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us.

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