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Life Science Partnerships

We partner with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and biotechs through our Discovery Forum to unlock genomic data and accelerate new treatment development.

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How we work with industry

Partner with us through our Discovery Forum

Companies within the Discovery Forum have access to our secure Research Environment with the world's largest whole genome disease cohort for cancer and rare disease.

The Discovery Forum provides a platform for collaboration and engagement between Genomics England, industry partners, academia, the NHS and the wider UK genomics landscape.

What does being a member involve?

Access to our secure Research Environment

Discovery Forum members partner with Genomics England to collect and analyse genomic and longitudinal clinical data to gain insights into human disease and turn them into treatments and diagnostics for patients.

Collaboration with the UK genomics ecosystem

The Forum promotes collaboration with industry and academic key opinion leaders via a platform where members share ideas, co-invest in projects, share results, present findings, and field ideas for future research.

Networking and further learning opportunities

Meet other industry members and stay involved in the UK genomics industry through a range of member-only events and lecture seminars throughout the year.

Who can join?

We have a broad membership that includes top tier biopharma companies, selected biotechs and diagnostic companies that are focused on rare disease and cancer, a wide range of genomic-centric start-ups and CROs.

Key facts


Scientists in pharma and biotech


Start-up accelerator partnerships


Tier 1 pharma companies

Meet the Discovery Forum members

Members are grouped alphabetically by company name

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What projects are you working on?

Our ecosystem of partners is very diverse, from top tier biopharma companies to a wide range of genomic-centric biotech and start-ups. As a result, we’re constantly evolving our offering – if you have ideas on how we could develop a partnership together please email us.

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