GeCIP Domains

GeCIP Domains are UK-led consortia of researchers, clinicians and trainees. International researchers can also join as members.

Each domain will work on improving the clinical application and interpretation of the data in the 100,000 Genomes Project. They will also carry out research to

    • improve our understanding of genomic medicine and its application to healthcare
    • improve our understanding of disease
    • lead the way to developing new diagnostics and treatments.

Current Domains approved for data access

Thirty eight GeCIP domains have now had their research plans approved by the Access Review Committee and are starting to get access to the 100,000 Genomes Project datacentre.
Researchers, clinicians and students can apply to join a GeCIP domain to work on the 100,000 Genomes Project dataset. More information about joining our research community.

You can find a complete list of each GeCIP domains’ Detailed Research Plans which have been approved by the Science Advisory Committee and Access Review Committee here.

List of current GeCIP Domains

This list will be updated throughout the project. Contact the lead researchers or NHS Genomic Medicine Centre representatives (links open in your email application):

Rare Disease Cardiovascular Prof Bernard KeavneyThe University of Manchester Dr Ed Blair Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Endocrine and metabolism Prof Stephen O’RahillyUniversity of Cambridge 
Gastroenterology and hepatology Prof Holm UhligUniversity of Oxford, Oxford
Dr Gideon HirschfieldUniversity of Birmingham
Richard Thompson King’s College London
Hearing and sight Prof Andrew Webster (Sight) – University College London
Dr Mike Bowl (Hearing) – MRC Harwell Institute
Dr Sally Dawson (Hearing) – University College London
Prof Graeme BlackManchester University
Immune disorders Prof Sophie HambletonNewcastle University
Inherited cancer predisposition Dr Clare TurnbullQueen Mary University of London Marc Tischkowitz University of Cambridge
Musculoskeletal Prof Muhammad Kassim JavaidUniversity of Oxford Prof Muhammad Kassim JavaidUniversity of Oxford
Neurology Henry Houlden* – University College London
Prof Patrick Chinnery  – University of Cambridge
Prof Huw MorrisUniversity College London
Non-malignant haematological and haemostasis disorders Dr Noémi RoyOxford University Hospitals

Prof Andrew MumfordUniversity of Bristol

Paediatrics Dr Tim BarrettBirmingham University
Dr Phil BealesUniversity College London
Renal Dr Daniel GaleUniversity College London
Prof Robert Kleta – University College London
Dr Ania Koziell King’s College London
Respiratory Prof Claire ShovlinImperial College Professor Anthony de-SoyzaNewcastle University
Skin Dr Edel O’Toole – Queen Mary University London

Dr Neil Rajan – University of Newcastle

Prof Sean WhittakerKing’s College London
Cancer Breast cancer Dr Nicholas TurnerInstitute of Cancer Research
Cancer of unknown primary Dr Harpreet Wasan – Imperial College London
Childhood solid cancers Dr Thomas Jacques University College London Dr Alex HendersonNewcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust
Colorectal cancer Prof Ian TomlinsonUniversity of Birmingham Mohammad IlyasThe University of Nottingham
Glioma Prof Keyoumars Ashkan – King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Haematological malignancy Prof Anna Schuh – University of Oxford Paresh VyasUniversity of Oxford
Head and neck cancer Prof Terry JonesUniversity of Liverpool
Matt Lechner – University College London
Liam Masterson – University of Cambridge
Lung cancer Dr Charles Swanton – The Francis Crick Institute Prof Fiona BlackhallThe Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Melanoma Dr Samra Turajlic – The Francis Crick Institute
Neuroendocrine tumours Chrissie Thirlwell* – University College London
Ovarian and endometrial cancer Dr James BrentonUniversity of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK
Dr David ChurchUniversity of Oxford
Pan-cancer Richard HoulstonInstitute of Cancer Research
Prostate cancer Prof Johann de BonoInstitute of Cancer Research Dr Mark LinchUniversity College London
Renal cell carcinoma Dr James Larkin – Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust  Dr Anna KoziellKing’s College London
Sarcoma Prof Adrienne FlanaganUniversity College London
Testicular cancer Dr Andrew Protheroe – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Upper gastrointestinal cancer Prof John Bridgewater – University College London
Cross Cutting Electronic health records Prof Harry HemingwayUniversity College London

Dr. Stefanie MuellerUniversity College London

Enhanced Interpretation Prof Caroline Wright – University of Exeter Dominic McMullanBirmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
Ethics and social science Prof Mike ParkerUniversity of Oxford
Dr. Anneke LucassenUniversity of Southampton
Functional effects Dr Ewan BirneyEuropean Bioinformatics Institute

Professor Christine OrengoUniversity College London

Health economics Dr Sarah Wordsworth*University of Oxford Prof Ian TomlinsonUniversity of Birmingham
Integrated Pathogens and Mobile Elements Prof Colin Cooper – University of East Anglia
Dr Gkikas Magiorkinis  – Athens University
Population genomics Matteo FumagalliImperial College London
Aylwyn Scally – University of Cambridge
Jean-Baptiste CazierBirmingham University
Quantitative methods, machine learning and functional genomics Dr Diana Baralle University of Southampton

Dr Chris YauUniversity of Manchester

Diana Baralle University of Southampton
Stratified healthcare and therapeutic innovation Prof Sir Mark CaulfieldQueen Mary, University of London
Prof Sir Munir PirmohamedUniversity of Liverpool

*GeCIP Board representatives