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Shape the future of personalised medicine

Join us to solve some of the most challenging issues facing healthcare and science.

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Make an impact

Every decision, every line of code and every meeting matters. Our work changes patients' lives, shapes the future of genomic research and enables the treatments of tomorrow.

We're passionate about what we do because our efforts make a difference.

Work where healthcare, technology, science, and policy meet

To embrace an ever-changing industry, we work in multi-disciplinary teams who collaboratively design and build the services we provide to NHS colleagues and the research and biotech community.

We’re agile, fast-moving, and innovative, and we’re evolving to reflect the rich diversity of the communities we serve.

Our products and services are complex and need to fit into the lives of our users. To do this better, we use design and social science research to ask the right questions and develop the right outcomes.

Accelerate healthtech

As we move into creating better decision support systems, stronger bioinformatics pipelines, new clinician and patient interfaces, and savvy environments for our data, we're naturally experimenting with how we apply machine learning, HPC and other technologies in product and service development.

Ultimately, we're creating new healthcare ecosystems that will tailor diagnosis and treatment to the individual.

Have your voice heard

We encourage a high challenge and high support culture, and each year do a survey to collect and canvas everyone's views. From this, we do regular pulse surveys to check in and continue to focus on what's most important to our people.

Our virtues


We take an agile and iterative approach to everything – not just software development – seeking to share and get input constantly.


Patients are the priority, so we ensure quality and relevance in our outputs, and put their interests ahead of our own.


We aim to think big, always asking questions and experimenting, while learning from evidence and experience.


As responsible stewards of patient data, we’re transparent with each other and our partners.


Attention to detail is crucial in day-to-day work to limit errors and prioritise what's important.


We deliver long-term, real-world outcomes for patients, the NHS, and our partners.


Collaboration is essential – with the UK health system, partners, the global tech and life sciences community, and each other.

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