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Dr Gavin Arno

Genotype-Phenotype Association co-lead

Gavin Arno is the Senior Scientist for the Genetics Department, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and Associate Professor at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. His research interests are in the genomics of rare disease with a focus on novel genetic mechanisms of inherited eye disease. His ongoing research projects include rare disease gene discovery, variant elucidation and interpretation, functional investigation of variants/genotypes and disease mechanisms, non-coding variant analysis, and the application of long-read sequencing for genomics. Dr Arno was a member of the Genomic England pilot analyst team and leads the analysis of whole genome sequencing data for patients recruited at Moorfields Eye Hospital. He will be co-leading our Genotype-Phenotype Association community which focuses on studying large-scale genotype-phenotype studies to uncover rare variants linked to traits and diseases.

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