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Emma Walters

Participant Panel member

Emma joined the Participant Panel in 2023 as the parent of a child with a rare genetic mutation found through the 100,000 Genomes Project. Her son was born in 2013, 14 weeks prematurely and has complex medical needs. A gene change has been found on ATP1A3 which is thought to be pathogenic but he does not have any of the 3 associated conditions with these gene change.

Emma volunteers as a Parent Ambassador with Wellchild, a charity that supports children with exceptional health needs. She brings her lived experience as a mother navigating this journey to the panel and over 20 years experience within the Health Service as a Nurse.

In her spare time (!!!) she enjoys making miniature buildings (dioramas), and getting out with her family in their trusty camper van. She is passionate around sharing her story and normalising conversations around disabilities.

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