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Primrose Granville

Genomics England Ambassador

Primrose Granville is an award-winning broadcaster, community activist/champion, campaigner and volunteer. A trained early years and special needs educator, Primrose was born, raised, and educated (largely), in Jamaica. She migrated to the UK twenty-five years ago and lives in Bristol. Her 22-year-old son is currently at university and she mothers many more.

In June 2003 Primrose had a life-changing accident which forced her out the classroom. The loss of her job, marriage, a close friend, and her father in a period of 11 months sent her spiralling into depression. She ‘found’ radio after a long period of illness and fell in love. In November 2018 Primrose had a lifesaving kidney transplant due to maternal polycystic kidney disease. She now lives with post-transplant ketosis-prone diabetes. Primrose doesn’t let her health issues stop her from giving back.

Primrose is involved in community work that educates, uplifts, and promotes unity. She is particularly keen on issues around health, children, young people, and the elderly. She is a lay tutor at the NHS North Bristol Trust (Southmead Hospital) Pain Management Service; Ambassador & Influencer for NHS Blood & Transplant, campaigning to raise awareness on Blood & Organ Donation; NHS Research; Genomics England Ambassador & a Disability Travel Champion.

‘As a youngster growing up in Jamaica, I spent my free time serving my home, school & community. From feeding the less advantaged to fundraising for various charities, I was always doing something for a cause. It’s in my blood, I don’t know any other way.’

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