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Professor Elijah Behr

Predisposition and Screening lead

Elijah Behr is an international expert in the field of arrhythmias and is Professor in Cardiovascular Medicine at St George’s, University of London where he directs the Cardiovascular and Genomics Research Institute. He is the first chairperson of the European Cardiac Arrythmia Genetics Group of EHRA and has been president of the Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions. He also advises the NHS England Clinical Reference Groups for Cardiovascular and Genomic Services and leads the NHS Coronial Sudden Unexpected Death Pilot programme. Among others, his primary research interests include the genomics and prediction of sudden death risk. Professor Behr will lead our Predisposition and Screening community to analyse genomic data to determine how rare and common variation cause or predispose to rare disease in diverse ancestries.

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