We have aimed to make our website accessible and user friendly. Where possible, we have made every effort to make our website accessible to AA standards and to be compatible with assistive technologies.  For best results we recommend using an up-to-date version of the Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer web browsers.

Please note that certain features will not be supported in older web browsers. The minimum requirement for Internet Explorer is IE9.

Using the built in accessibility tools

To help you customise our pages to suit your individual needs we have provided a tool bar at the top of every page. Here you can change colours, adjust font sizes and also skip directly to the page content.

accessibility skipt to content buttonSkip to Content

For those using keyboard navigation or screen readers, this button enables you to skip past the navigation and go directly to the beginning of the content of each page.

accessibility contrast buttonsChange the colours

These buttons will allow you to select from three additional colour schemes, helping to make text more readable. The high contrast colour schemes: white on black, and black on blue, can be helpful for users with low vision. The black on yellow scheme may be helpful for users with dyslexia. Press the white button to return the website to its original default colour scheme.

accessibility font size buttonsChange the font size

These buttons allow you to increase and decrease the page content font size. Use the A+ button to make the text bigger, and the A- button to make text smaller. Use the Reset button to change the text back to its original default size.

Accessibility limitations

While we have tried to ensure that our website is accessible, you may find some limitations due to technical issues or where complex content cannot be easily conveyed. If you do find parts of the website are inaccessible, or would like further assistance please get in touch with us via the contact page.