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Just launched: Genomics England's blog

By Communications team on

Accelerating our impact

What an exciting 8 years it has been since Genomics England was set up to lead the ground-breaking 100,000 Genomes Project. Through the project, 18.5% of participants have had a result with the potential to improve their care and treatment, where none could be found through routine care.

Since we returned all results to the NHS clinicians to decide the best next step for their patients, we have been accelerating our impact. We have a new strategy and are focusing on our mission: to deliver the benefits of genomic research and healthcare to everyone.

Our CEO, Chris Wigley, on what we do and why we do it.

Our priorities

Of course, the 100,000 Genomes Project remains one of our priorities, and we continue to work closely with the NHS to develop the NHS Genomic Medicine Service. We have also established 3 main initiatives:

  • Cancer 2.0: exploring long-read and methylation sequencing technology and multimodal data to support earlier, faster diagnosis of cancer.
  • Diverse Data: aiming to reduce health inequalities and improve patient outcomes within genomic medicine.
  • Newborn Genomes Programme: co-designing and running an NHS-embedded research study to explore the benefits, challenges, and practicalities of sequencing and analysing the genomes of newborns.

Why a blog?

As we have expanded our remit, we have restructured and are working in many different teams and directorates, squads and tribes. And there is a lot going on! Transparency being key for building trust, we want to keep you updated on what we are up to. With this blog, we aim to provide a direct line of communication between you and the colleagues working within our main projects and priorities.

What’s coming

We’ll have a range of voices, stories and articles from within the Genomics England community. On the horizon, expect to hear from our ethics team, researchers and clinicians working on the data within the Genomics England Research Library, the Participant Panel, and those leading our Cancer 2.0, Diverse Data and Newborn Genomes initiatives. We’ll also have some more technical blogs from our bioinformatics team.

You’ll be able to filter depending on your interests, whether you’re a researcher, clinician, part of the wider genomics ecosystem, a participant who has donated your genome to our Research Library, or someone wanting to know more about genomic healthcare. Whatever your reason for coming to our website, we hope that our new blog will be helpful.

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