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A vision for the future of genomic healthcare

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In September 2020, the UK Government published Genome UK, a vision for the next ten years of genomic healthcare. This National Genomic Healthcare Strategy sets out a plan to deliver the future of care in the NHS by enabling the provision of world-leading genomic healthcare to patients in the UK and across the world.

Over the next 10 years, the Government’s ambition is to create the most advanced genomic healthcare system in the world, underpinned by the latest scientific advances. Transferring world-leading advances in genomic research to front line diagnoses and treatments will ultimately provide better health outcomes at lower cost.

In partnership with the Government and the NHS, Genomics England will help deliver this vision, working to improve diagnoses and personalised medicine, enabling predictive and preventative care, and ensuring a seamless interface between genomic research and healthcare delivery.

This will be a ground-breaking journey to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the UK population and millions more worldwide. It is the result of advances in genomic research and technology over many years, and Genomics England has been at its heart.

Here is a video of the brief history and future of genomic healthcare

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