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Genomics England announces interpretation partners and expands industry engagement

Genomics England has today (30th September 2015) announced that it has contracted with Congenica and Omicia to work with them on the interpretation of the genomes from 8,000 patients participating in the 100,000 Genomes Project. Work with LockheedMartin-Cypher, Nanthealth and WuxiNextcode continues as part of a test phase. This is in addition to ongoing work with sequencing partner Illumina who are also exploring a variety of bioinformatic challenges around sequencing and clinical interpretation.

Genomics England is also announcing that two new companies, Berg Health and NGM Biopharmaceuticals have joined Genomics England’s industry collaboration, known as the GENE Consortium. BERG is a Boston based biopharmaceutical company and NGM Biopharmaceuticals is based in South San Francisco. Both will join the other members of the GENE Consortium who are already working on a year long industry trial assessing how best to engage with Genomics England to accelerate the development of new diagnostics and treatments for patients.

We are delighted to welcome two new partners to the GENE Consortium. Exploring how industry will work with this unique dataset along with driving up the quality of the interpretation of genomic data are crucial to us in finding out how to understand and treat disease better in the future. It’s this that will ensure genomic medicine benefits patients for years to come

Sir John Chisholm

Executive Chairman of Genomics England

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