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Genomics England partners with the UK’s largest biosample facility

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Genomics England has announced today a partnership with the NIHR National Biosample Centre, opened in January by the Minister for Life Sciences George Freeman. The £24 million state-of-the-art facility will store the samples of rare disease and cancer patients taking part in the 100,000 Genomes Project.

The Milton Keynes-based Centre, which is the largest biosample facility in the UK, was opened to help increase national capacity and capability to develop research. The NIHR National Biosample Centre will store and process biological samples such as blood, tumour tissue and saliva, keeping samples at temperatures as low as -80°C. It will also undertake a range of precision analyses, including extraction of DNA.

This agreement is a huge milestone for the 100,000 Genomes Project as we embark on the main phase of sequencing. The NIHR National Biosample Centre’s robust infrastructure and latest technology will enable high calibre research and new scientific insights. Ultimately this will mean new diagnostics and treatments for the benefit of patients

James Peach

Managing Director for the Genomics England Main Programme

We are delighted to be supporting such an important initiative as Genomics England and its goal to improve health. Samples from participants are a precious and depletable resource so it is important they are shipped, stored and retrieved to the highest standards in ways that protect the anonymity of the donors and ensures they will be able to help researchers answer key health questions. UK Biocentre uses the knowledge gained in developing UK Biobank to support studies like Genomics England and to make sure scientists have the best resources to make the health advances we all want to see

Dr Tim Peakman

CEO of UK Biocentre, which will run the Biosample resource


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