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Public dialogue on whole genome sequencing for newborn screening

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Register for an online event on 8 July to find out about a nationwide public dialogue on the implications of using whole genome sequencing for newborn screening.

One hundred and thirty members of the public from around the UK have taken part in a dialogue about the implications for the NHS and society of using whole genome sequencing for newborn screening.

The dialogue was commissioned by Genomics England and the UK National Screening Committee, co-funded and supported by UKRI’s Sciencewise programme.

Come and hear what the dialogue has told us about the attitudes, aspirations and concerns of the public about genomics and newborn screening.

What are the values and principles that inform these views? How do we trade off potential harms with potential benefits for the child, the parents, the wider family, the NHS and society more broadly? What might a newborn screening programme using genomics look like? What safeguards and information are needed?

Register to attend the free online event, which will be from 10am to midday on 8 July.

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