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Genomics England’s Response to President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

Professor Mark Caulfield, Chief Scientist for Genomics England:

We welcome the announcement from President Obama.

Scientific and medical progress requires the long term commitment and collaboration of researchers across the globe.

The UK’s National Health Service offers a unique environment in which to transform the application of Genomic Medicine into patient benefit. The 100,000 whole genome sequencing project is focused on patients with rare inherited diseases, cancer and infection and will generate a lasting legacy of NHS Genomic Medicine Centres, sequencing capability and first-class healthcare teams enabled to feed back the findings to patients.

This will create the first mainstream health service in the world to offer leading edge genomic medicine as part of routine care for its patients. This builds on previous successful large UK programmes such as UK Biobank and Deciphering Developmental Disorders.

We welcome the US Precision Medicine Initiative as we can share knowledge with our international colleagues, enhance these technologies and our ability to interpret the data we collect thereby enabling the benefits of genomics to reach patients worldwide.


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