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The G Word: Genomics England launches new podcast

This week, Genomics England has launched its first company podcast. ‘The G Word’ will be hosted by Chris Wigley, our CEO, who will talk to a wide variety of people about all things genomics, with the aim of making the topic more accessible and understandable to all.

Most people understand that our DNA is the blueprint that lies at the heart of our cells and bodies. Many people have done mail-order genetic tests to explore their heritage, and characteristics. Some might be intrigued or even worried about how DNA is used by different institutions like the police or insurance companies. Some might have religious questions. Yet the research would suggest that not many people feel confident in understanding either the science, how it is applied in different fields, or what that means for society, or us as individuals. So we want to demystify the topic, and ask everyone – from experts in the field, to community leaders, to patients and participants – what they are interested in, worried about, or doing in the field.

As we begin to roll out the National Genomic Healthcare Strategy, now is an ideal time to start having more conversations around genomics, as well as raise awareness of its benefits and uses. The discussions I am having on The G Word will hopefully help bring genomics to life and switch more people on to genomics. Together, I hope we can gain a better insight and understanding of genomics as well as communicate what we hope to achieve with the advancement of genome sequencing technology.

Chris Wigley

CEO, Genomics England

The G Word podcasts will be released weekly and begins with a conversation with Dr Eric Topol, one of science’s most innovative thinkers, a leading physician, and author of The Topol Review. Eric talks frankly about why patients need to be at the heart of decision-making and deserve to be given better insights about their healthcare. You can listen to the podcast preview now and new episodes as they are published here.

Over the next few weeks, Chris’ conversations will include: Dr Kenneth Baillie who leads the COVID-19 project through GenOMICC, Wellcome Sanger Institute social and ethics researcher Professor Anna Middleton, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock, and many more.

The G Word will be available on all major podcast listening platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Stitcher. You can subscribe to the podcast directly here and you can supply any suggestions for future discussions via email at [email protected].

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