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End of year highlights

Celebrating 2021  | 

“It’s been a fantastic year of conversations with an incredible cast of people, and we have learned so much from each of them. What our discussions show is we are on the right track but have plenty more to do in 2022 – and beyond. Thanks so much for joining our conversations, and hope to see you again for The G Word next year”

In this week’s episode of The G Word, Chris takes a look back at 2021.

He remembers chats with Dr Kenny Baillie, several members of the Participant Panel, Baroness Nicola Blackwood, Dr Adam Rutherford, Dr Natalie Banner and many more.

He recalls conversations about the need to view people holistically, consider their situations and hear their voices. He discusses lessons learnt about breaking stereotypes, getting young people into STEM, data, disabilities, long-term illness and patient choice.

He also talks about the podcast’s original aims: about how it was created earlier in the year to get more people familiar with genomics as a whole, in as many ways as possible, whether in the context of its use in medicine transparent and ethical use of people’s data, or innovation in the tech sector.

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