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G Word Podcast guests 2
Dave McCormick, Jenny Taylor and Matt Brown

Reaching the full potential of genomic research

In this episode of The G Word, Dave McCormick, member of the Participant Panel at Genomics England is joined by Jenny Taylor*, a valued member of our research community, and Professor Matt Brown, our Chief Scientific Officer, to discuss the last decade of genomic research at Genomics England.

During this podcast our guests will consider:

  • Is the National Genomic Research Library (NGRL) meeting its full potential?
  • What is the future direction for research at Genomics England?
  • How will Genomics England help research participants make connections with researchers who are interested in their gene or condition?

You can read the transcript here: Reaching-the-full-potential-of-genomic-research.docx

"One thing I'm really keen to see is that [the NGRL] grows and continues to be bringing in details on new patients who are experiencing treatments and diagnostic processes in the current day…We're expecting that over the next three years it will grow to over half a million in size by the end of 2026. We also would like to see an increase in diversity, and I mean that not just in terms of clinical diversity, but also ancestral diversity."

*Jenny Taylor is an Associate Professor in Translational Genomics at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, and Co-Lead for the Genomic Medicine Theme at the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

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