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The G Word Podcast
Dr Andrew Roddam

Changing health research for the better

“Today we still have a significant number of people who are suffering ill health in later life, and often suffering it because we're diagnosing conditions led to them. We’re getting to people and treating them when they end up with things like stage three or four cancer or dementias; we only pick them up at the point when they start to be clinically visible. And it's really difficult to start to treat those individuals at that point.”

In this week’s episode of The G Word, Chris Wigley is joined by Andy Roddam, renowned epidemiologist and Chief Executive Officer at Our Future Health. Having earned his doctorate degree in Statistics from The University of Oxford and completed a post-doctorate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Andy has held several roles across both academia and industry, principally focusing on the application of epidemiological methods to advance the understanding of human disease.

Today, Chris and Andy discuss health data and how best to collect it, interventional research, personalised treatment and the importance of predictive prevention.

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