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Dr Anna Lewis

How do we go about defining and conceptualising ancestry?

“We need some more conceptual clarity around ancestry so that we can build up some recommendations on how it should be used in genomic research.

There have been a lot of previous recommendations, around the use of race, ethnicity and ancestry in genetic research, but most don’t say much about ancestry. I think that it's fitting to get more of a conversation around it. I am really excited about the work Genomics England are doing to put an extra layer of logic around diversity.

In our final episode of our Diverse Data Week on The G Word, Dr Anna Lewis, a scholar of Ethical, Legal and Social implications (ELSI) of Genomics, talks with Dr Maxine Mackintosh, our Diversity Programme Lead, about how we should go about defining, classifying and conceptualising ancestry. Together they discuss a range of common issues and potential solutions.

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