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Blue DNA strand

What can we learn about human history using DNA?

Dr Garrett Hellenthal  | 

“It’s incredibly important that we build up reference data sets in other worldwide populations so that we can learn more about the ancestry of people.”

On today’s episode of The G Word, James Cook, one of our Bioinformaticians in Research Services at Genomics England, is joined by Dr Garrett Hellenthal, a Sir Henry Dale Fellow working on constructing and applying statistical methods to infer human history using genetic data at UCL Genetics Institute (UGI).

Today, Garrett and James talks about population genetics and diverse data. They discuss a recent study in which Garrett analysed data from Ethiopian populations to study the sociological features that lead to genetic differentiation among ethnicities and the People of the British Isles (PoBI), a project to create the first detailed genetic map of a country.

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