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The Power of Genomics

Dr Genya Dana  | 

“What will be important is to engage with the patient community, it will be a very important process to complement the science that we are doing and to engage with those ultimate end users. That is the beauty of having these conversations with the people who are going to eventually end up adopting the technology.”

Today's episode of The G Word is a little different. We are sharing a live recording of a recent discussion at the Public Policy Projects Global Genomics Conference between Chris Wigley, our CEO, and Dr Genya Dana, Global Head of Health Policy at Avellino.

In their conversation, they delved into all things policy, such as data, ethics and education as genomics comes into the mainstream of healthcare and society. They also discussed the importance of engaging with the participant community and Dr Genya Dana’s work in the Precision Medicine Department at the World Economic Forum.

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