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The G Word Podcast
Dr Harpreet Sood

 Understanding communities

“If you really embed yourself in the community, embed yourself within the people that are going to be using a solution and try to understand from them what their pain points are, you build trust from the outset. You’re saying, ‘we're doing this for you and we're working together to do it’.”

In this week's episode of The G Word, Rakhi Rajani, our Chief Digital Officer, is joined by Dr Harpreet Sood, a primary care doctor and digital health expert. Formerly Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) and Senior Fellow to the CEO of NHS England, he is a board member at Health Education England (HEE), a trustee at the South Asian Health Foundation and Co-Founder of the NHS Digital Academy.

Harpreet discusses developing NHS England’s digital health and data strategy, his role at Health Education England and new models of primary care. He also talks about debunking Covid-19 vaccine myths and The South Asian Health Foundation.

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