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Putting the patient at the heart of the mission

Dr Melanie Lee  | 

“If we wrap our missions around the patient and have early connections with them, I believe the data packages we pass on to those developing a product will be much richer, and diagnostic development may be much shorter - 2-3 years rather than 25 years.”

This week on The G Word, Chris Wigley is joined by Dr Melanie Lee, CEO of medical research charity LifeArc. LifeArc translates promising scientific innovations into well-informed products for the benefit of patients. LifeArc are currently supporting a number of COVID-19 studies, including the GenOMICC Study, in partnership with Genomics England.

Today, Chris and Melanie talk about engaging with different communities to identify the right problems, and discuss why receiving a diagnosis, even if there isn't necessarily a direct link to treatment, can be so important.

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