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Could genomic research shed light on genetic influences in health disparity?

Dr Prabhu Arumugam  | 

“Do diverse populations in genomic research help to facilitate new understanding? We are all one population, we should all have equal rights. The challenges are significant but they are not unsurmountable.”

In the second episode of our Diverse Data Week podcast series, Diksha Srivastava, our Implementation Lead in the Diverse Data Team, is joined by Prabhu Arumugam, our Strategic Partnerships Director. Prabhu’s key focus is on improving cancer clinical data and multimodal diagnostics in cancer for Genomics England. He is currently leading on the delivery of digital pathology and radiology with a view to improving clinical cancer data and advocating precision health.

Today, Prabhu discusses the genomic research landscape for diverse populations, including its historical barriers and how to address them. He also discusses disparities in genomic and biomedical research - in particular those impacting individuals of African, Asian and Hispanic ancestry - and the measures required to bring the benefits of genomic medicine to everyone.

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