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Machine Learning and Multimodal Data in Drug Discovery

Fireside Chat with Daphne Koller, insitro  | 

“We are now in a world where there is this an abundance of data, which is only the beginning to what we're likely to be able to see in the coming years. At the same time, we have this incredible set of machine learning methods [...]. This seems to be a moment in time when those two tidal waves are about to come together in a way that offers us the opportunity to unlock some of the underlying secrets and complexities that underlie human health and human disease.”

This week we are sharing for posterity the discussion that Parker Moss, our Chief Commercial Officer, hosted earlier this month at the Genomics England Research Summit. Parker’s discussion was with the world renowned Daphne Koller, the founder and CEO of insitro.

Parker and Daphne explored the use of AI and machine learning in drug discovery and discussed the value of multimodal analysis. They also touched on some of the challenges of causal inference and target validation with unsupervised machine learning methodologies. Parker and Daphne then discussed the recent partnership between Genomics England and insitro.

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