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Amanda Pichini

What role do genetic counsellors play in healthcare?

Genetic counsellors are a highly specialised group of healthcare professionals, who have the expertise to help patients and families understand complex information relating to genomics, as well as provide guidance and emotional support. Whether that's to understand their family history, make informed choices about genetic testing, or come to terms with a result or a new diagnosis. As genomics becomes more commonly used in health care, more and more people are likely to require genetic counselling and more healthcare professionals need to rely on their expertise.

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"What we're really here for, is to be able to explain something that's really quite complicated science, and how that fits into your life, your family, your values and your decision-making."

Today on The G Word, Amanda Pichini, Clinical Lead for Genetic Counselling at Genomics England, is joined by Dave McCormack, member of the participant panel to Genomics England, Sara Levine, consultant, a genetic counsellor at the Centre for reproductive and genetic health and chair of the Association of genetic nurses and counsellors. Janice Bailey, a cardiology clinical nurse specialist and preregistration genetic counsellor, and Heather Pierce, a genetic counsellor with a neural net Project at the University of Cambridge.

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